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At Vizor Games, we know everything about farms and expeditions, skillfully combining them in our mobile and social games. In recent years, the company has also been developing large-scale cross-platform projects.


Our achievements

  • Social projects

    Since 2015, 3 socio-educational centres have run IT courses for children in difficult circumstances. And since 2020, the same courses have been launched for orphans. More than 400 children have already been trained in the courses. We also opened 3 STEAM centres. Thanks to them, more than 2,000 children have become familiar with the world of IT. And this is just the beginning!

Work hard — Play hard — Work hard — Play hard — Work hard — Play hard —

Our games

Atlantis Odyssey

Looking for adventures? Go to Atlantis! Here everyone will find an activity to their liking.

Klondike Adventures

Klondike will take you to the era of the gold rush, reveal the secrets of Alaska, and introduce you to the life of gold prospectors.

Zombie Castaways

Perhaps the most unusual zombie game. Our main character is a benevolent and inquisitive Zombie, who dreams of becoming human and finding his Love.

Knights & Brides

In our kingdom, a fairy tale comes true at the wave of a magic wand. Faithful friends, true love, glorious victories and adventures await!

Klondike: the Lost Expedition

We have proven that a gripping story and an economic simulation can exist in harmony in one exciting game.



It all started in 2003

A few computer science students decided to play one of the first browser games called Fight Club. They agreed they could make a browser game, too. A better one.

Corporate & Media

We're young but smart. We're celebrators, but we can easily turn into "cerebrators" when needed. Check out our blog and see for yourself.